Exhibition Black Thread

Black Thread

The Black Thread is part of the National Museums of World Culture's large fashion and textile exhibition, which is shown at the Museum of World Culture in Gothenburg. The Black Thread follows West Africa's ancient and dynamic textile traditions and today's craftsmen and fashion designers in the diaspora who pick up building blocks for new creations.

At the Museum of Etnography in Stockholm, classic textiles from Africa are shown that are associated with films about contemporary black fashion designers. Meet haute couture designer Imane Ayissi in conversation with Amah Ayivi from the creative collective Marché Noir. In their creation, they follow the thread back to West Africa's weavers, tailors, markets, colors, materials and cuts - beyond the image of printed fabrics as typically African.

The exhibition is on display at the Museum of Etnography from 10 October until further notice. 

The exhibition is a collaboration between the Museums of World Culture project Ongoing Africa and Marché Noir, Art Comes First, Imane Ayissi, Just Africa, and the French Institute in Sweden.