Exhibition The Storage - An etnographic treasury

The Storage - an Ethnographic Treasury

It is easy to get lost amongst tinder pouches, monkey traps and poison arrows. There are 6,000 objects here, from all four corners of the world. By opening up the Storage, we catch a glimpse of the diversity and magic of our collections – a treasure-trove for the curious. Thousands of artefacts, stories from bygone eras and infinite inspiration for the future.

In the Storage, the aim is to give our visitors the chance to discover for themselves. This allows them the opportunity to make a more open interpretation of that which we hold in trust on behalf of society. Perhaps the penis sheath or the leopard mask will become your favourite.

"It doesn't matter how old you are. The urge to discover is our starting point, and we have probably never before created an exhibition with so few labels, despite there being more information available than ever to those who want to know more", says exhibition producer Lina Malm.

The visitor can either browse freely among the shelves and cases or guide themselves along various thematically linked trails with the help of tablet computers. The visitor can delve deeper into the details of each artefact in our digital information archive. The Storage is not about one theme, phenomenon or place. It is a 'third place' in which storage, exhibition, public, database and collections meet.

Etnografiska museet/the Museum of Ethnography is one of the National Museums of World Culture which, together, look after a total of c. 440,000 artefacts from all over the world.

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