Viva Mexico

¡Viva México!

In Mexico, it is said, the past never dies. Traditions have been mixing and reshaping here for thousands of years. ¡Viva México! aims to broaden the picture of Mexico's diverse origins and traditions. It will be a colorful encounter between life and death in an exhibition that includes both struggle and courage, skulls and flowers.

Mexico's history is one of change and resilience. It is about worlds that are created and perish, great cultures that thrive, an area that is conquered, a country that becomes independent.  Stories of life and death follow us through the exhibition, capturing some moments in Mexico's history. This history is full of conflict and tragedy but also resilience and humor.

The close relationship between life and death is a central theme of Mexican cultural heritage. For several years, the celebration of Día de Muertos (Day of the Dead) has been organised at the Museum of Etnography and this exhibition is a natural extension of that popular event.

Texts are available in Swedish and Spanish inside the exhibition and English digitally via QR code.

The exhibition opens on June 17th 2023.

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