Africa Ongoing

Ongoing Africa

With the headline Ongoing Africa, the Museum of Ethnography organizes workshops, lectures, exhibitions and artistic expressions around our African collections. In close collaboration with audiences, users, researchers and artists we explore what this heritance of culture means and how it can be applied today.

Ongoing Africa is an exploring- and method developing dialogue project aimed to enhance new perspectives on the African continent with and by Swedes of African origin. 

In Ongoing Africa, we create an exhibition space/dialogue area for various temporary exhibitions, activities and events – we intend to try and test different ways to activate our collections and create interesting meetings with our audience. 


Mazahr Makatemele

Mazahr Makatemele

The first black woman in Kalmar was named Mazahr or Sara Makatemele (1846-1903). She arrived in town in 1862 as a young woman together with a businessman, Alarik Forssman. Mazhar lived the rest of her life in Kalmar and worked in the Missionary movement. After her death the song Däruppe Ingen Död was written. It is often called Little Black Sara which is about Mazarh’s life from the Swedish missionary's perspective. In this exhibition you can see her story. (Slideshow by Rafaela Stålbalk Klose, 8 mins)