Welcome to the library at the Museum of Ethnography! The library is a reference library of literature on non-European cultures. The library is open to anyone who is interested. Visits are by appointment only and can be arranged either by email or telephone. Library materials are not available for home loans.


Telephone: 010-456 12 04
E-mail: collections@varldskulturmuseerna.se


The library at the Museum of Ethnography is a well-provided library that specialises in scientific and popular science literature. It is a unique reference library on ethnography, anthropology, archaeology and art history, religious history, history and museology: Literature relating to non-European cultures and especially indigenous people. Literature on material culture, i.e. describing ethnographic objects, is also well represented. The library essentially covers the continents of Africa, the double continent of America, Greenland, Asia, Australia and Oceania. In total, there are around 45,000 books and periodicals.

The library has an extensive collection of exhibition catalogues from other ethnographic museums around the world in addition to a number of current periodicals on anthropology and ethnography.

Museums of World Culture Library catalogue

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The Sven Hedin Foundation manages Sven Hedin's Public Library. Literature relating to Sven Hedin's travels and scientific works can be found at the Museum of Ethnography. The library contains around 3,000 books and reprints and constitutes one of Sweden's foremost collections of older literature on East and Central Asia. Also Iran (Persia), Caucasus, South Asia and Tibet are well represented.

For access to the Sven Hedin's Public Library, please contact the Museum of Ethnography or the Director of the Sven Hedin Foundation, Håkan Wahlquist on tel. 08 5195 50 18.